• To Repair or Replace?

  • No matter how reliable your printer is, eventually even the best of technology fails. Most companies will be faced with a choice between having their printer repair or replacing it with a newer model. To make the best decision, you might want to consider some of the key factors at play: CPP, printer’s capabilities and cost of the repair.

    CPP, or cost per page, is perhaps one of the most important aspects when it comes to the choice between repair and replace a printer. To calculate the CPP of your current device, you need to divide the cost of the toner cartridge by what the manufacturer states the cartridge will print for the supply. If your printer is old or a cheaper model, the CPP might be way too high and replacing it with a newer model might actually save you money in the long-term.

    Your current printer’s capabilities are another crucial factor, especially if you haven’t upgraded your printer in the past few years. Consider replacing your printer instead of having it repaired If you think upgrades such as wireless capabilities, duplex printing or simply faster speed might be beneficial to your business.

    Last but not least, when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your printer, consider the cost of the repair. If the issue is something as simple as the device needing a new roller, the price might not justify buying a new printer. As a rule of thumb, if the repair cost is 50-60% of the original value, consider replacing your printer; if it will cost you less than half of the original value of the device, have it repaired instead.

    Depending on your unique circumstances, there are other factors that might impact on the decision to repair or replace your printer. If your machine breaks down every other month, even if the repair isn’t costly, you might want to consider upgrading for a newer model. Additionally, availability of parts might be a factor especially if your business can’t afford the downtime. Of course, in many cases the decision to repair or replace a printer will come down to a simple budget consideration but if you can afford the choice, make sure to follow the tips above so you can make the best decision.