• Use & Care Tips

  • Taking excellent care of your printer is the single most effective way to prolong its life and cut down on repair costs. For instance, making sure you never overload your paper tray or use old or pulp paper can minimize jams and ensure your printer performs at full capacity at all times. The old or damaged paper will most certainly stick together which will cause damage to the paper feed as well.

    It might be a good idea to also use a humidifier in the same room as your printer. This is especially important for countries with low humidity as it can prevent clogs and ensure your printer runs smoothly. To take excellent care of your printer, ensure you also clean up any build-up of dust, toner, and debris as these can cause jams or streaks of ink. Remove the particles by using a small vacuum cleaner or a cotton swap and purified water. If you want to go a step further, you might want to invest in a maintenance kit which includes specialized cleaning supplies as well as changeable printer parts such as rollers.

    Another use and care tip we recommend following is cleaning the printer heads on a regular basis. If your documents have started coming out of the machine with white streaks across the text, this is usually a sign that the printer heads are clogged.

    Last but not least, the frequency with which you use your printer can have a huge impact on its performance. Needless to say, you should avoid printing constantly – try to give your machine a break especially after a large printing job. On the other hand, however, it’s important to use inkjets printer as often as possible (without ‘overworking’ them) because otherwise the ink head cartridges might dry and clog the printing process. As a rule of thumb, try to use your inkjet printer every day or so, or if you don’t, run a test print with black and color once a week. Maintaining and taking care of your printer is the best way to prolong its life and maximize its performance.